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About the Hut

Spiritual Life Coaching


Are you happy with your life?? We all have a purpose, are you able to express yours? Do you know how to react positively and purposefully in the face of hard times, like today’s economy? Gain the tools to communicate effectively and concisely and make a difference in your relationships with family, at work and the community, and God. While you cannot control the way people act, you can certainly control the way you react, let us show you how today. I invite you to look at some areas in life that we refer to as blind spots. Blind Spots are parts of our thought process that do not allow you to pause before reacting. We are responsible for our behaviors and can receive tools to live the life we love.


During your guided coaching session you will have a profound look into the patterns of your current life and uncover things that may be holding you back. In a guided coaching session we will look at ways to harness the joy of living and create anything you want for yourself and your life. You have everything you ever needed inside you now!!! You were made for love! 


“So often the only thing that keeps our dreams from coming true is fear and our own inability to believe that we are worthy and deserve happiness.” -- Renee Drummond