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     Life coaching sessions that will help build your relationship to God. Partner with me to uncover those “blind spots” so that you may LIVE ON PURPOSE!

     Learn to harness the joy of creating your day With my “Create and Complete Your Day” program you can expect the following:

  • One 10 min coaching call in the morning to set your intention on the day with prayer.  Through guided prayer we will set your sights on God's love for you and direction for the day. 
  •  One 10 min coaching call in the evening to complete how your day went and have gratitude for all God has done. And see how the choices you made effected you. 


     Sometimes, all we need is a "coach" to help pull us through the day, someone that is vested in your well being and sincerely wants you to be your best.  Let Renee help you how to communicate with God enhance your prayer life and remind you of God's promises for your life.