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Meet the Founder - Renee Drummond


     Renee is a spiritual life coach partnering with individuals and groups to end suffering in their life by giving them the tools to rediscover the joy of living, while uncovering their personal life's purpose and therefore creating a life of true happiness. She has been an entrepreneur since the 1980’s and has always been committed to serving others. As a child her life had many twists and turns as most of ours do and had a close family relative that enormously impacted her life at a very young age. The experience was not as life altering as the impact on the ways Renee created to survive in the world.

     In 2002 she became a mother and her spiritual path started. “I believe the moment I knew I was pregnant I could feel the presence of God immediately.” say’s Renee. “The peace I felt within me at that time was an experience I committed to re-create for the rest of my life!” Renee committed to an education that would allow her to pursue that re-creation and in 2003 attended a education to help transform the world these studies went on for 13 years learning how to break down upsets in peoples lives and turn them into possibilities. After being saved, born again in 2014 the presence of God has directed Renee's coaching to freedom from spiritual strongholds helping people break free from bondage of addiction, depression and  many more emotions that kept them from the freedom of living life full out on fire with a passion.

     a great passion of mine is turning doubt and resistance  into possibility and connecting people to God . These passions became my life's ambition, not only to break through the barriers to freedom in my life  but to empower others to do the same. Now, I have received the gift to live life the way God intended  and share these gifts with others to equipt them to do the  same. -- Renee Drummond, 2017

     Renee and her staff continue the pursuit of inner and world peace though Life Coaching.