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The Hut was incorporated in 2008 and a 501C Non-Profit corporation. The Hut’s intention and mission is to achieve world peace one community at a time by developing “The Hut” Life Coaching centers with ground breaking seminars that provide you with tools to create the life you deserve. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to: mend broken relationships with parents, heal old wounds of abuse, the ability to forgive yourself and to forgive others, build a personal relationship with God,break free from addictions, create freedom, self esteem and safety. All of these things are available to you now and already they exist inside of you. You may have forgotten how to get in touch with them and have suffered through decisions you have made. Our programs and guided one on one coaching sessions will uncover what has always been within you and will give you the tools to generate the results you want for yourself and the rest of your life.   Our goal is to be of service to everyone in the world. With our “Drive through Coaching” method, we can show you how to put the spark back in relationships, help teens to build self esteem, get set free for good from addiction and empower single moms. You can create  the confidence over your own life decisions from today forward.   The world is awakening and becoming aware to the tangable presence of devine intervention. Come discover your God given purpose  that lies within you now and create a life on purpose. Our outreach community programs include oportunities to inspire adults and childen. 

The Hut has success coaches available for hire for those who just want to take life to the next leval, you may  have a sence of disatifaction and want to live your life ON PURPOSE. WE also have programs for those who need financial assistance and homeless.